Episode 183: What’s next?

On April 23rd, Kasie and Rex brainstormed activities for the summer months and some more show topics. Here are the notes:

Theme for the day

Summer Plans


  • What Authors typically do with their time
  • Seasonal impact – Summer is a time for …
  • Commitments we’re making for the summer
Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Link to the podcast

Segment 1/2

Tuesday night is Words & Wine at Badd Boys Cafe. Featured author is Raegan Teller, mystery novelist and authorpreneur. She’s a fantastic writer and she’s been working on some short fiction lately so it’ll be fun to hear her read and talk about her work. It starts at 6 p.m. there’s a door prize, cocktails available, and plenty of room to sit and listen.

SCWA is now taking registrations for the Paths to Publishing series, a four-part event sequence in May featuring these topics and speakers:

  • May 3rd Raegan Teller
  • May 10th Alexa and Kasie talk indie press publishing and the necessary promotion of one’s own work
  • May 17th Hub City Press is represented by Meg Reid and Anjali Enjeti talking about university and small press business models and opportunities
  • May 24 Amy Bishop and JC JC Peterson talk about getting an agent, pitching big publishing houses, and the other joys and challenges of working with large publishers

Use the link above to register. Recordings are only available to registered participants and while SCWA members get a discount, it is a paid series.

Authors are typically doing one of 5 things:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Revising
  4. Querying
  5. Marketing / selling

Each activity has its own positive impact on the writer’s work. And each one has its own tools and takes its own allocated time. Some can be done simultaneously.

Segment 3/4

Summer plans have been on my brain lately. There’s some work to be done, most of which is hard and unpaid. So that’s gonna suck. 

Last summer we serialized. What should we commit to doing this summer?

Writing Short Stories

Selling more books

Attending more events

Building our audience through email

Digital audience engagement – get thee back to Facebook? Patreon?

Create new content on YouTube

Learn how to use TikTok

Outline new books

Revise existing work

Query existing work

Get more involved in our community

Why is it important to make plans?

What benefit does it serve to set a goal and work toward it?

How does accountability help us move forward?

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