Episode 142: Internet Grab Bag

On April 17th, Kasie & Rex went to the Twitter for the questions you’ve been asking. This is Internet Grab Bag:

Theme for the day(s)

Internet Grab Bag


  • It’s SCWA Conference weekend, here are some highlights
  • It’s been a year since “internet grab bag” episode
  • Where we go looking for questions
  • Q&A from the internet
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Segment 1

This weekend, we’re hosting the Livestream component for the SCWA’s Annual Conference “The Storytelling State.” Yesterday we saw Mary Lash, John McIlroy, Ann Barton, in our early livestream and Barbara Evers, James Furry, and Carolyn Hartley in the late session. Today we’ll talk to Arthur Turfa, William Bruhl, and Dana Ridenour as well as Conference Director Amber Wheeler Bacon. You can watch today’s 2 p.m. livestream here.

This livestream opportunity is part of our sponsorship of the Conference and gives us a chance to promote our patrons, CJ Heigelmann and Carolyn Hartley. Thanks to our patrons who continue to support the show and our efforts to bring writing craft lessons to the airwaves. 

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It’s been a year since we held an internet grab bag episode. This is where we go out to the internet and see what writers are asking and try to answer those questions. This helps us offer actionable advice for writers and connect with folks who may not know we’re doing this radio thing. So let’s get it going:

Maureen McEly @maureenmce asked the #WritingCommunity what you’re reading? What have you read this year?

Why this matters: good writers are good readers. Period.

Daniel Knight @EvolvingNerd asked the #WritingCommunity what spiritual gifts do you have? And then clarified with an opportunity to identify what gifts – skills – capabilities do you give to the world?

Why this matters: Toni Morrison said to write the book you want to read; are you applying your gifts, desires, and skills to your craft. If so, how so?

Segment 2

Christina @CR_Writer20 asks What non-fiction book are you reading right now?

Why it matters: reading outside of our genre and reading how-to books can help enhance your own storytelling skills.

Gary S. Kadet @GaryScottKadet was pretty critical of fellow author Iris Diane McNally @idmcnally when she tweeted an article by an agent who, Gary pointed out, was no longer in business, an agency called Red Sofa. So let’s take this on: 

Who is a credible source for information on agents, querying, and publishing industry in general? What do you do with contradictory information?

Paul Scribbans @PaulScribbans asks: If I wrote a book (in my own words) based on a folklore tale from a 1850’s newspaper, then I understand it wouldn’t be breaching copyright?

What if another author published their own version of the tale before me. As long as its my own words this is OK right?

So let’s take that on — it has fan fiction implications, right? Whose work is it, really?

El O’Neill @ElOneillHere asks, “What’s the hardest part about writing a novel?”

Why this matters: not just everyone can do it, right? Or can they?

Ibis Editorial Design @IbisEditorial asks, “What was the last great book you read?”

Why this matters: reading great books inspires us to write great books. Reading shitty books encourages us to write shitty books. 

C.M. Ramsburg @cmramsburg says, “If you can’t handle me at my Draft(1) you don’t deserve me at my Draft(322)” — so … how many drafts does it take to get to the finished one?

Segment 3

Tweets2theabyss @tweets2theabyss1 asks, “Is it possible to have a successful career in writing without a black coffee+cigarette addiction.” — which begs the question what are you addicted to? And how does it help your writing?

Pacific Screenwriting Program @pacscrnwriting asks, “To outline or not to outline?” So, are you a planner? When and why do you plan?

Why it matters: there’s no “right answer” to this question. But outlining can bring discipline to your work and your practice. 

Another question from Pacific Screenwriting Program @pacscrnwriting is “How far do you follow an idea?” and the video they linked with it gets an answer from a writer. So, how far do you take it? When do you know it’s gone its route? When do you resurrect old ideas?

Bandi Crawford @BandiCrawford asks, “What’s your guilty pleasure?” Ya’ll know I’m addicted to romance novels, the dirtier the better. But we’ll hear about Rex’s, too. Top 3 guilty pleasures.

Lucas Wiseman @LucasWiseman tweeted, “Hey professional writers and authors: I am struggling with a daily schedule/routine. What’s yours, and why does it work for you?” So, do you have a routine? We’ve touched on this a few times before. Is it important to allocate time for writing and revising? Why?

Deadlinesforwriters @12ShortStories asks, “Who would you want to meet and what would you ask?” isn’t this the classic high school essay question?

Segment 4

Things to look forward to: This weekend is SCWA’s Annual Conference and although it’s already underway, it’s totally virtual and everything is being recorded. So even if you’ve missed some sessions, you’ll have access to those later. It’s worth it to register and attend. For real.

There’s also the Live Streams happening today at 2 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on the SCWA YouTube channel and on our YouTube channel. 
Arts on the Ridge is May 1st in Ridgeway, South Carolina and Write On SC will be there with mine and Rex’s books on sale and opportunities for selfies and autographs and other silly marketing suchness. A dozen or so authors including our good friend Reagan Teller. Check out my interview with her here: https://youtu.be/ZZa9JkReURA

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