Meet Author Rex Hurst

Originally born in Argentina to German immigrants, Rex Hurst was kidnapped by narco-terrorists and sold to a Satanic drug cult in Matamoros, Mexico. There he was subjected to various humiliations and would have been sacrificed in a blood ritual if not for the timely intervention of the Mexican police. He was evacuated to family in Montana, where he obtained his bachelors in Fermentation Sciences and a masters in Philosophy. When not writing, he runs a small vineyard with his wife and six children.

What do you write?

Horror and Sci-Fi – Mostly Horror

So what's your featured book about?

Set in 1986, Jon St. Fond’s life is a living Hell. Deliberately abused and neglected by his parents, the only joy he has in life is an escape into a fantasy land of role playing games. Soon he discovers that his parents are part of a secret occult religion with hidden ties all across the world.

As Jon and his friends dig, they learn more of the secret history of the world and discover the power of making deals with creatures from Beyond. However, power has its price, as Jon and his friends quickly discover. One-by-one they begin to become consumed by their own desires and hatreds.

Jon learns there is method behind the madness of his life, as his Father begins to bring him closer and closer into the ways of the cult. Ultimately, Jon must make a choice between all the pleasures of the earth and the future of his soul.

The book is What Hell May Come.

What is your favorite book that you read but didn't write? Why?

1984 by George Orwell. As each year passes by it becomes more and more relevant.

How did you get started as a writer? Who would you credit for influencing you?

I started by writing when I was ten. I spent most of time reading books, so the transition to writer seemed only natural.

Who is the ideal reader for your work? Describe your target audience.

Anyone with eyes who enjoys being taken to a place they might not want to go.

What advice do you have for other writers?

Keep writing. Always finish a story. If your interest is lagging in a story, finish it anyway.

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  1. Rex is an awesome radio host! I look forward to listening to him every Saturday morning.


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