PIRATES! Write On SC claims #wschat

It’s been going for over seven years, the weekly Tweet Chat called #wschat

It began as a collaborative effort via Wordsmith Studio, an online writing community born out of the 2012 Writer Platform Challenge conducted by Robert Lee Brewer on his My Name is Not Bob blog.

The group, originally MNINB’ers, persisted in organizing. Setting up a Facebook page and group. Learning the magic of how Facebook worked and building a library of resources. They went to twitter and started the weekly chats.

And time went by.

And people came and went.

And Kasie Whitener stayed faithful. Every week scheduling the tweets as @WordsmithStudio, a dormant twitter account with 1000 followers but very little response in the weekly events.

photo of person s hand
Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com

So what’s an ambitious writer to do when she has access to the format, the hashtag, and the mechanisms for continuing the chat? She should re-brand and relaunch and see if she can’t get traction. She’s an entrepreneur after all.

So here we are. @WriteOnSC taking #wschat as its own. Starting now.

Got a problem with that? Leave a comment. See you on the Twitter.

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