Growing in leaves, blooms, and stems

There’s a great character in Clyde Edgerton’s novel The Floatplane Notebooks known simply as “the vine.” It grows along the side of the family’s house and provides exposition and context for what happens between the years spanned in the story.

I think of #WriteOnSC like that vine. An ever-present entity recording and putting context to the literary landscape of South Carolina. A bit grandiose? Perhaps. But ambition has never been my problem.

We’re 70 episodes in to #WriteOnSC and we’ve done some really cool things.

We met local authors like Tim Conroy, Cassie Premo Steele, Al Black, Brian Barr, Don McCallister, and John Starino. We interviewed LowCountry authors like Derek Berry and Savannah Frierson. We featured South Carolina Writers’ Association members like Raegan Teller, McKendree Long, Bonnie Stanard, Anna Courie, and Mary Sturgill.

We sponsored the 2019 Fall Retreat in Beaufort for the SCWA and we partnered with the Pat Conroy Literary Center to promote South Carolina writers of all skills, genres, talents, and exposure. Novices? No problem! Multi-published, bestsellers? We got you.

Vine on wall photo by Niharika Bandaru via
photo by Niharika Bandaru via

We are growing and as we do, we’re building a vine of connected authors, storytellers, writers, and readers. We’re also building a portfolio of products and services to make better writers of all of us.

Thank you to Keven Cohen and 100.7 The Point for believing in what we’re trying to do and keeping it local.

Go to to support the effort. Thanks for being part of the journey.

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