The Business of Writing: A Live, In-Person Event YOU can attend

The best part about being a member of a writing association is getting together to talk about writing. While Rex and I get together every week here on the show, and our Columbia II Chapter of the South Carolina Writers’ Association gets together twice monthly for workshops, it’s only once or twice a year that we attend workshops to meet other writers.

We decided to change that with the help of our friends at the SCWA.

So this weekend, we’re co-hosting with the Columbia II Chapter “The Business of Writing” a half-day workshop on marketing, sales, digital platforms, advertising, events and all the other things writers do to publish and sell their work.

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We’ve lined up the very best voices we could find in the Greater Columbia area on such short notice and for absolutely no compensation to talk about The Publishing Path and Marketing Yourself. Check out the detailed agenda below.

Here are your faculty for this first-of-its-kind half day program:

Carrollee Hevener, self-published author and literary journal editor

Cassie Premo Steele, poet traditionally published

Cheryl Nugent,

Al Black, poet and Mind Gravy community organizer

Bob Lackey, Surfside Chapter member and self published author

MacKenzie Fraser-Bub, Agent & Owner of Fraser-Bub Literary

Raegan Teller, self-published mystery writer

And, of course, me and Rex as emcees and trouble makers backed up (as always) by our Columbia II Chapter members: Ginny Padget, Sharon May, and Nick Rolon. Other members Mike Long and Bonnie Stanard won’t be present, but they contributed content and sponsorship so it’s worth a mention or link for them, too.


9:00 — Welcome & Introductions

9:05 — Game of Phones – a contest with prizes!

9:20 — 9:40 Short Session 1 — The Fives: Subject-relevant Tips & Tricks

9:40 — 10:25 Panel: Choosing Your Publishing Path

10:25 — 11:00 Short Session 2 — The Fives: Subject-relevant Tips & Tricks

11:00 — Game of Phones – another contest with prizes!

11:10 — 11:55 Panel 2 — How to Market Yourself and Your Work

11:55 — How did we do? Session evals, what’s coming up next, how you can get involved

12:00 p.m. — Later, Taters! After Party at Hickory Tavern

You want to come, don’t you? Click here to register.

AND if you’re an SCWA member and want to bring a non-member friend, we’ll offer your non-member friend the special member rate because they have such good taste in friends! How’s that?

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