Episode 218: The Last Flaw

On February 11th, Kasie and Rex stuck with the flaws conversation for one more round. Here are the show notes:


Character flaws: minor, major, and fatal

How they manifest in the story

Tips and tricks for not making them trite

Photo by Klaus Nielsen on Pexels.com

So what are actual flaws?

These are limitations or weaknesses that the character might not even see in himself. They should be specifically related to the main conflict the character is having. And if you haven’t worked this out, it may be an accident that you’ve created it. (link)

Three types: minor, major, and fatal.

  • Minor flaws – what you would expect, impediment, a challenge, but mostly inconvenient
  • Major flaws – preventing them from moving forward, preventing them for achieving their goals
  • Fatal flaws – leads to a characters death; pride, stubbornness

Segment 3/4

This blog also does a nice treatment of using character flaws in a character arc. Which is useful.

This blog has a list of 70 flaws you can use. Take one. Or two.

Not to be outdone, this one has 123 flaws you can use.

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