Meet Author Anna Fitch Courie

Anna Fitch Courie is an Army wife, nurse, college instructor, and author of six titles. Anna’s 20+ years in the healthcare field include experience in public and private sector health promotion. Anna is a graduate of Clemson University, the University of Wyoming, and Ohio State University. In her spare time, she fights cancer, consults in public health, facilitates retreats, writes books, and blogs for Living Compass Ministries, Christ Walk, 50 Days of Fabulous, Earth and Altar, and Lent Madness. Anna loves her family, Clemson football, traveling, reading and hiking. Home is wherever the Army (and God) sends her.

What do you write?

Christian Spiritual Fitness/Health; Children’s STEM Books

Tell us about your featured book -- what's it about?

What’s better than feeding your soul while developing healthy practices for your body and mind? Christ Walk outlines a 40-day program for individuals and groups to focus on improving physical health while engaging in spiritual and mental reflection and growth. Individuals and groups select different biblical routes to complete (through walking, running, biking, etc.), while reading a reflective passage on health and spirituality each day of the journey. Each chapter is a daily meditation on different aspects of mind, body, and spiritual health tied to biblical teachings and Christian traditions. The appendices include options for groups and individuals to transform their Christ Walk experience from journey to journey.

What is your favorite book that you read but didn't write? Why?

Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings. I read this book MULTIPLE times as a kid while I was losing my hearing. The young protagonist becoming a hero resonated with me in my struggles and ever since then, I’ve thought of overcoming illness like the hero’s quest. I’m a scientist and nurse, but also a nerd at heart.

How did you get started as a writer? Who would you credit for influencing you?

My church, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, told me after I led the Christ Walk program as a lenten offering that I needed to write it down. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but they were the first that told me I really needed to do it. It took me close to four years to write my first book and I go through periods of intense productivity and then periods that are as dry as the Sahara.

Who is the ideal reader for your work? Describe your target audience.

My readers tend to fall in the 25-55 crowd who are seeking to integrate their mind, body, and spiritual health. Many of my readers have also suffered illnesses and the process of going on a journey of reconciliation with their body and illness is often meaningful for them as well.

What advice do you have for other writers?

Put your pen to paper. Write regularly. Even if there isn’t a purpose to what you are writing, write. You become a better writer the more you write.

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  1. Great writing advice!


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