Episode 97: May Grab Bag

On May 30, 2020, Kasie and Rex went “grab bag” style and talked about a bunch of stuff. Here are the show notes:

Theme for the day

End of the Month Grab Bag


  • Special Offer for June
  • Grab Bag Discussion
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Today is Special Offer Day!

Become a Patron in June and get the critique, the 30-minute Zoom chat, the story, and the author interview on our website.

Link to the podcast

I wanted to do the episode on hyperbole but it’s going to take more time to prep than I had this morning so we’ll do that next week.

This week, we’ll answer those grab bag questions from Tuesday’s #wschat. If you’re not hanging with us on Twitter on Tuesdays you’re missing out.

What’s the most confusing #writing advice you’ve ever gotten? Some really bad advice.

bookstagram — ever heard of this? What are some clever / new / different marketing tactics you’ve seen in the publishing world lately?  I almost did the entire episode on this listBut just the first one had me going, oh? I should look into that. We could do an entire series on this list.

What’s the most overrated book you ever read? Why did you read it? What sucked about it? Another question on which we could do an entire episode. Here’s someone’s list.

What are some of the reasons you’ve written what you’ve written? 

Are you familiar with authors maybe predicting (or imagining) the film versions of their work? Is it a marketing trick? 

Going to say “hi” to our new patron, author CJ Heigelmann. Check out his website https://www.mustreadcj.com/

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