Local Authors Book Club

February Selection:


Dixiana by James D. McCallister

A finalist for the 2015 Faulkner-Wisdom Literary Competition award, the Dixiana series represents a Neo-Southern Gothic ‘great American novel’ for the mid-to-late 2010s, one filled with humor, tragedy, appeals to a higher power, and a troubled character crashing a plane into a building. Dixiana holds its many characters in states teetering on the edge of either grace or ruin, and by the end, readers may not believe how far the story takes them–all the way to one possible ‘other side’ of reality.

About the Author:headshot_JamesMcCa

James D. McCallister, the author of seven indie novels and a short story collection (and as editor of a volume of poetry), is a past winner or finalist for awards from the South Carolina Writer’s Association, SC Fiction Project, Pearl Magazine, the Faulkner Society, the Saturday Evening Post, the Raw Art Review and The Jasper Project. He adjuncts in creative writing at Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC, where he lives with his wife Jenn and beloved brood of cats, muses all. Website here.

January Selection:

After December, by Kasie WhitenerAfterDecember_Cover
Tony is dead. He killed himself Monday night. Three thousand miles away. Brian Listo is going home.Five days. Four best friends who don’t forgive him. Three women who can’t stand him. Two parents who don’t trust him. One unforgivable sin he can’t hide from anymore. Brian is back in Virginia despite the craters he left at New Year’s. Back to eat crow. To beg forgiveness. To explain himself to anyone who will listen. Except for the one person who can no longer hear him.Growing up, Tony always covered for Brian, made even his most heinous sins seem like minor infractions. But without Tony to play defense, Brian must learn to apologize. It’s time to come clean. Can he earn forgiveness? Does he deserve it? Or does he just need a clean break?

About the Author:

Kasie_Headshot_NovDr. Kasie Whitener writes GenX fiction. At her core is fantasy romance and not-quite-getting-over-the-90s. She serves on the board of directors for the South Carolina Writers Association and is a member of the South Carolina Council on Humanities Speakers Bureau. Dr. Whitener has presented workshops for the Bowling Green State University’s Winter Wheat Literary Festival, the Pat Conroy Literary Center, and Fairfax County Public Library. Her short story “Cover Up,” won the Carrie McCray Prize in 2016 and other stories have appeared in Spry, Kairos, and The Petigru Review. She is founder & President of Clemson Road Creative and a lecturer at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. Happily married to her best friend Charlie and crazy-proud mom to the one-and-only Hollie, Kasie reads voraciously, plays golf, and cheers for the Clemson Tigers.




woman lying on area rug reading books
Photo by Renato Abati on Pexels.com

In 2020, we’ll be hosting a new Local Authors Book Club project with Tzima Brown of Evolve (100.7 The Point) and Sunrise Artisan.

What it’s about:

  • Local Authors, local readers connecting in a local venue.

How it works:

  • Each month we’ll feature a specific author and book.
  • That writer’s work will be discussed on Write On SC (9 a.m. Saturdays) and the writer will appear on Evolve (8 p.m. Saturdays) to discuss artistic pursuit, the business of selling books, and anything else that comes to mind.
  • The last Saturday of the month, right after the 9 a.m. Write On SC episode, the club will gather at Sunrise Artisan at 10:10 for coffee and book chat.
  • The writer will be there to discuss and to sign copies of the book.

How you participate:

Listen for the selection announcement — or visit the calendar linked here (coming soon) or check out our Facebook page for updates.

Buy the book — Tzima’s shop will have copies but you can also get them on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. We’ll list additional places/ways to buy on each announcement.

Listen to the shows — Write On SC airs every Saturday at 9 a.m. and Evolve airs at 8 p.m. on the same day. The selected author will visit to discuss the work, the process, and what’s coming next.

Attend our coffee chat — Show up at Sunrise Artisan at 10:10 a.m. on the last Saturday of the month for coffee, fellowship, and book talk.

Would you like to be a featured author?

Being a Featured Author in the Local Authors Book Club carries the following advantages:

  • Selection as the month’s featured book / author
  • Social media posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter promoting the selection
  • 1 60-minute interview on Evolve with Tzima, a weekly radio broadcast with upwards of 500 listeners
  • 1 45-minute Book Club meeting
  • 1 60-minute tweet chat
  • 1 500-word blog post on WriteOnSC.blog and MakeThePointRadio.com as the featured author.

We will also incentivize readers to leave reviews for your book on Amazon and Goodreads.

You can take advantage of this unique way to promote your book locally if:

  • Your book has both Print and Kindle publications and is a full-length book.
  • You have an up-to-date and active Author’s Page on Amazon.com.
  • You have Social Media handles on at least 2 of the three (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) major social platforms and are actively promoting your work as an author.
  • You have an Author’s website with links to your books, a calendar of events at which you’ll appear, and other evidence of professionalism.
  • You pay a $149 fee in full by the 15th of the month before your designated month (so pay by Jan 15 to be the February Featured Author).

Apply here to be a Featured Author.

Invite your friends. Make this your thing. Let’s form a tribe of literary supporters in the local community.